How it Works

  1. We have a selection of corporate team building activities and events, and are constantly creating new activities for our members.
  2. When you join, you get access to all of these activities! This is team bonding to the max.
  3. You pay a fixed monthly or quarterly fee — so you can keep tight control of your budgets — and receive tokens you can redeem at any time for a team building activity. Tokens never expire, so don’t worry if you have a busy quarter and need to wait for your next company team building activity!

About Our Team Building Activities

Team Building NYC is a one stop shop for fun corporate team building activities and events in New York City. We facilitate a wide range of activities including unusual scavenger hunts, office games, social events and more. The goal of our work is to help you build a strong team at your office and company. The ROI on team building is huge, both directly and indirectly. Studies show companies that invest in team building activities see increases in employee happiness and job satisfaction as well as retention and productivity. Over the life of your company this investment could have an ROI of millions.


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