About Team Building NYC

At Team Building NYC we have just one mission: to be the best resource for planning team building activities in NYC that ever has and ever will exist.

There are a few ways we are working toward this goal…

First, we did deep research into the industry and market to determine the best team building companies and activities in NYC. This research resulted in the list of team building activities in NYC you see on the front page of our site.

Next, we paused and thought a little more about what we were working on. Most sites and resources for team building only profile companies and we wanted to have more on our list; what about free team building activities or non-traditional activities that you can do with your team? Any activity that has the potential to bring your people closer together is fair game for our list.

Third, we DO NOT accept paid listings, ever, no exceptions. Team building companies often reach out to us and ask if we can include a link to their business from out site. We never have and never will accept any kind of payment for such a listing. We only link to businesses that we believe are a great fit for our resource.

Those are the basics. We have more site features we are planning to develop and additional resources coming soon. If you have any input, ideas, questions or comments about what you would like to see, feel free to get in touch by sending a quick email to [email protected] — we will be happy to hear from you!